Privacy Statement is a 360-motion capture installation that delves into the fundamentals of privacy and personal space, inspiring questions and conversation about both. Your sense of personal space will be completely manipulated and tested while you are trapped inside. Each audience member will be submerged in a virtual space which initially promotes a sense of comfort and ease, until it fades into a mass of bodies and movement that create a feeling of objectification and an invasion from the virtual spectators inside the world.





Production Director / Valentina Escotet

Valentina Escotet is an Integrated Digital Media Masters student at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. After completing her bachelors in science in Communication and Interactive Media at the University of Miami, she decided to compliment her skills in visual communication, creative coding and MoCap animation. Valentina’s extracurriculars include UX/UI, game and graphic design, magazine editorial, and photography. She is interested in creative and media positions in the tech industry.




Teresa Yang is a 3D visual artist, animator, and graphic designer based in New York. Her recent work involves 3D and 2D animation, motion graphics and graphic design. She is interested in creating visually engaging storytelling through the combination of design, art, and technology. She is currently working toward her bachelor's degree in IDM, Tandon School of the Engineering at NYU. 



3D Director / Jixuan Sun

Jixuan Sun is an interaction designer and researcher that creates the user-centered design approach and multimedia experience. Her work ranges from graphic design, illustration and motion design to engaging interactions and mixed reality. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree at NYU ITP.



Set Director / Dimos Markopoulos

Dimos Markopoulos is currently a graduate student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (ITP). After completing his bachelors program in Finance, he worked as a trader for many years and later on went on to form his own company along side three other partners which was later sold to Delivery Hero, worlds biggest online food delivery company. He has worked closely with big event companies to produce big music events as well as festivals based in Greece. Dimos is an active investor in various startups in the Tech sector and has currently formed with his peers at NYU a new venture called NGEMS. 

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the show




6 - 10 PM